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Are you a holistic natural health professional or business dealing with the problem of getting good quality links pointing to your website and listings that actually give you exposure?

Are you tired of searching the internet looking for affordable links and listing services in the holistic fields and wish that someone could swoop in and give you a great deal?

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You're not alone! Many owners and managers of natural health and alternative medicine websites face these kinds of challenges every day...

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  • 2 search engine optimized high ranking blog articles where
    you receive more powerful links pointing to the website
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Curious? Keep reading and I'll explain how it's done…

As A Holistic Health Practitioner With 7 Years And 9 Websites
Worth Of Experience Building Higher & Higher
Rankings By Every And Any Means Possible,
I'm Uniquely Positioned To Help You!

Over the past 7 years, I've worked with over 9 of my own personal websites losing money, having high rankings, low rankings and everything in between to finally learning how to put all the pieces together ... leading to websites that rank high in the holistic health fields.

... And I can help YOU do the same by solving a big piece of the puzzle!

I began my career and by the second year business was so bad I had to move back to my parents' house, because I couldn't pay my bills.

I was painstakingly forced to learn A LOT about Search Engine Optimization and have invested significant time and money in developing and establishing my expertise.

Since then, I've made a living with high ranking search engine optimized websites and began helping other professionals in the holistic field do the same — including "The Academy Of Natural Health Sciences" and recover from poor rankings and go on to having a steady flow of traffic to their websites!

When you work with me, you're not only getting an experienced professional who can help you improve your website, but who will treat your listing as if it was his own. Working to produce the best results for you possible.

Here's How My "Primo Listing Service " Can Help You
With YOUR Business & Website ...

Your Primo Listing Includes:

  • Search engine ranked webpages, links and blog articles with SEO data that is including in the coding/ programming of your webpage. I provide your listings and blogs with all coding/programming data including: Title Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keyword and Heading Tags.

    The above information - if your not familiar with it - is a must for getting your webpage, listing and blog articles ranked so people will find you. I guarantee you will NOT find another listing link service providing you with all that. This information is the core of SEO to give you quality links and a listing that potential clients or customers will see …
  • A high ranking listing and quality link with a 250 to 300 "Keyword" profile on a webpage which is only shared by one other practitioner or business. This means your listing will be fully search engine optimized, because of the amount of "keywords" working for you. Search Engines will use "keywords" on your webpage as a big piece of where and how high to rank your webpage.

    And with limited links on your webpage this will raise the value of your listing. Any similar service will have you sharing a webpage with up to 30 other listings. This makes it impossible to deliver a premium link and a search engine optimized webpage/listing for you …
  • 2 blog articles with "Keyword Phrases", "SEO Titles", "SEO Descriptions" and "Keyword Tags" so the search engines will rank your blog articles high and you will receive additional links from each blog to the websites of your choice …
  • You will receive my SEO Tweaks … I will personally view your listing and blog articles and make any recommended changes to fully maximize your listing for optimum performance. But if you know what you want tell me to leave as is …
  • Your primo listing and blog articles will appear in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Getting you maximum rankings and views for your listing, blogs, and links …
  • You will receive a fast track A+ education in the core principles of SEO. I will take your hand and walk you through exactly how to structure your listing, links and blogs; what text to include, what keywords and keyword phrases to provide and what title, meta data and heading tags to use ...
  • I will explain SEO to you in simple English with my easy to follow written directions. You will be amazed to discover how simple this stuff really is when broken down in plain English. And as extra bonus you will take this knowledge with you for your future online marketing
  • You get a one-time correct anything redo at no additional fees,when your listing is first posted you can change anything you like ...
  • This whole process will only take you 5 to 7 minutes at most … provided you have some articles written … but if you have no articles written, no worries. I will walk you through of how to write a simple powerful blog article and listing to rank high in the search engines or …
  • If you find you have no time to do your own listing and blog articles. Me and my team can complete the entire processes for you at an affordable forget it and don't worry fee ...
  • And this site is constantly Search Engine Optimized, so you’re always getting the most-up-to date higher and higher rankings for your listing, blogs and links!

Want Proof? Here's What One Of My
Past Client Says...

As I mentioned, I've helped holistic businesses with their websites over the past years.

Here Is One Of Their Success Stories:


I Get More Visitors To My Website

Academy of Natural Health Sciences

"Working with HolisticRob.com has helped boost my website rankings and I now get more visitors to my website. For the one-time fee and the service you really don't find better offers. I would highly recommend using HolisticRob.com"


-Dr. Frank Auriemma, BSc., ND., Ph.D
Director of Education & Head Instructor for
The Academy of Natural Health Sciences

View Samples Of Listings & Blog Posts And See For Yourself What I Can Do For You...

Below is one of the many successful listings and links for companies ranging from holistic health schools to massage therapists. Now, if your not familiar with the terms below just rest assured that is the essence of SEO and no listing company out there will provide you with all that.

I treat your listing and links like there my own and go the extra mile to assure you get the absolute most out of it ... because your success is my success.

The truth is the better your listing ranks and the website your links are pointing to ... the more people you will tell about my service, more people will see your listing and more people will sign up to holisticrob. I help you get more visitors and traffic to what your offering.

Check Out The Sample Listings Below ...

Sample Primo Listing

search engine optimized SEO link listing natural holistic alternative medicine

You can see there are numbers pointing to different areas. This represents the extra mile I take to ensure your listing is FULLY and COMPLETELY SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED.

Even if you decide your not interested in my service ... you can learn the quick basics of SEO below as each number above matches to the numbers below. They explain the basics of SEO and how your listing and link will be created.

  1. You receive the all mighty "Title Tag" ... a search engine will read this to know what your page is about. This MUST be accurate, precise and done CORRECTLY, because this is a HUGE piece of how your listing gets ranked.

  2. You will have your own personal web address for your webpage, not a generic computer generated web address like most listing companies offer.

    This is a HIGHLY important piece of the ranking puzzle. Without a well picked address you could blow all your effort. But with my seo tweaks, you are guaranteed a primo web address.

  3. This is your "Description Tag" ... where you need the perfect set of words that describe what your page is about. Search engines will use this info to match your webpage to internet searches, so potential clieints or costumers can find you.

  4. This is your "Keyword Tag" that smaller search engines use. Even though Google, Yahoo and Bing may not use this info ... you will still get rankings from the smaller search engines that do. Might as well get all that you can.

  5. This is where your link is placed and you can include your business name or what ever phrases you would like with a short description. Your link receives a "heading tag" and this makes the keywords stand out to search engines to boost your rankings. With keywords making up your link and a heading tag this will give you extra "Link Juice" (a nickname to describe the strength of a link) pointing to your website.

  6. You will also have your web address as part of the link. This adds some more "link juice" to it, boosting the quality of the link and the website it is pointing to.

  7. Your listing needs to include "Keywords" (words that appear often on the webpage) so that the search engines know what your listing is about, so they can match it to internet searches.

    This also benefits the website the link is pointing to ... because it gives the search engines more information about your website. The more information about your website the more they will rank you and the more clients or customers you will have.

Sample Blog Article

screen shot search engine optimized blog listing nutrition holistic health

The search engines and especially Google are best friends with blogs. They love them and love to rank them. Matt Cutts (the face of google) says, "We love blogs, because there easy to read the coding, rank them to match user searches and we love fresh user friendly content that blogs provide".

If I didn't include blog articles with your listing I would be committing SEO suicide. Therefore you get not one, but two blog articles that are packed with the proper coding to drive traffic to your website so you have more clients or customers.

Below you will read some of the similar info as above, just applied to your blog articles, but with EXTRA high ranking features blogs and I offer.

These webprogramming/coding MUST be done perfectly (which you will learn), because of the importance search engines put on blogs.

  1. You get the king of SEO data, your "Title Tag" which gets included on every blog post along with the info below ...

  2. Your SEO friendly blog web address that is manually created, no generic zero value computer program generated web address here. I want your blog to rank, so I do the job properly and correctly ...

  3. Your "Description Tag" to fully explain what your blog article is ... so search engines can match your article to internet searches ...

  4. Your "Keyword Tag" to raise your blog article rankings with the smaller search engines. You might as well get every bit of ranking possible with your
    blog articles ...

  5. Your blog article title gets the potent heading tag to give strength and authority to it ...

  6. These are "Keywords" that can be links in your blog. By making "keywords" links you get more "link juice" for it. But you can make any "keywords" your link either in your blog article or beneath it. See more samples by visiting the blog ...

  7. A super BONUS feature of blogs is they allow you an option of tagging important "keywords". This additional feature just flat out tells the search engines what the "keywords" are of your article, so they know what to rank it for. Another reason that makes blogs such a powerful tool in SEO ...

I have plenty of other listings and blog articles, so feel free to browse around the Holistic Practitioner & Business Directory and The Holistic Natural Health & Alternative Medicine Blog ...

Listen, I don’t want to put too fine a point on this ... but if you want to maximize the value for your listings and blog articles that actually show up in searches - instead of hidden in a website - this information must be done perfectly ...

For the price you pay and service you receive this really is a no-brainer. There is not one listing service out there which will give all this ...

Keep reading to find out about my unique GUARANTEE ...

You're Covered By A RISK FREE Money back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Still worried you’ll be disappointed? Afraid you won’t be happy with your purchase?

You’ll be relieved to know that there’s absolutely NO RISK in giving holisticrob.com a try, because your investment is covered by my RISK FREE money back guarantee:

When you claim your listing, links and blogs, you’ll have a full 60 Days to try it out.

If at any time during this period, you find it’s not delivering the results you’re looking for, just let me know. I”ll gladly refund every penny of your modest investment (minus only the processing fees which is about $3).

It doesn’t get any fairer than that!

How Much Is This One Time Investment
In Your Business?

Please notice that I said “Your investment” … and … I did not say, “Your cost?”

  • A “cost” is how much you pay to fill up your gas tank.
  • An “investment” is getting a quality listing, link and blog articles for a one life time fee.

Here's the simple facts: just search the internet for other listing, link and blog posting services and you will see a recurring monthly or yearly fee and 95% are not search engine optimized to work for you.

If you tried to get the same level of service that holisticrob offers from other websites —you’d be paying an easy $500 to $800 that’s just for the first year!

However, if you’re finally ready to make a smart business decision …

Then you won’t have to pay $500 to 800 just for one year.

Your entire investment in the Primo Listing—and NOT just for one month or one year, but FOREVER —is only $107!

Sounds good? I thought so to …

Now if you get as busy as I do and have no time to construct your Primo Listing, I can take care of the entire process for a TOTAL investment - of only $189!

And remember, you’re fully covered by a 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose!

To get started with your Primo Listing right now, simply follow the links below. You will receive an email IMMEDIATELY after purchase and be redirected to the starting page to complete your investment.

To your high rankings!


Do It Yourself Primo Listing: $107
Click Here Now For The Do It Yourself Primo Listing!


Do It For Me Primo Listing: $189

P.S. Remember, you must have quality links pointing to your website to get high rankings and traffic. You can feel confident that you took one giant step forward with your Risk Free Money Back Guarantee Investment.

P.P.S. Sign up now, the faster your listing is up the faster you will be to more clients or customers.

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