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The above is a network and directory of various EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping Therapist, Practitioners and Counselors who provide services for many issues.

The EFT therapist may offer therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety, Phobias, self-esteem, eating disorders, sports enhancement, depression, negative thoughts and feelings, addictions, and many other issues. You should contact each EFT therapist, counselor and practitioners to find out if they can help you.

"EFT Offers Great Healing Benefits"
- Deepak Chopra, MD

What Is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping

EFT tapping techniques are a series of astoundingly quick and easy treatments that can help most people to achieve freedom from the emotions that are creating problems and conflict in their lives.

These EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping) therapies have been described by many practitioners and health organizations as a breakthrough in the area of psychology. They have been used successfully by thousands of people with a broad range of difficulties. Modern day science has validated EFT as a highly therapeutic healing method.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is becoming known to many users as a “fast miracle." It can dramatically relieve emotional disturbances and imbalances along with many physical ailments. Most practitioners, counselors, therapist and their clients often find EFT works in minutes, its results are usually long lasting, and side effects are non exist.

EFT The Mind-Body Therapy

You can make enormous strides with clients as an EFT practitioner and therapist by introducing these techniques into your therapy practice. Instead of months or years using conventional "talk therapy", EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping often does the job for you in just a few sessions. In fact a well trained EFT counselor/practitioner using these tapping techniques properly can get to core issues and facilitate relief, change and growth painlessly and very quickly.

Once you start to observe how well EFT clears out emotional baggage, you may be propelled in how it can further enhance your life by helping reach personal professional goals.

Working with a therapist or practitioner clearly has enormous value. However, the therapeutic process is greatly enhanced by the active participation of the client. The techniques can be used for almost anything. That is one of the most astonishing things about EFT therapy.

The same basic process is used for every problem or situation - anxiety, phobias, stress, fears, negative thoughts or peak mental and physical performance.

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